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Demanding Hiring Process: We Only Hire The Best

Armada’s movers are as strong as our name implies. We are the only Fort Collins movers that have strength standards and physical performance tests for our movers. This simple yet powerful process allows us to deliver consistency and stamina throughout your job. Thus putting every move in capable hands and leaving you stress free.

Basic Standards For Movers

Additional requirements must be met for drivers and home inspectors.

Further Requirements

Movers are required to be able to lift and carry in excess of 150 lbs for up to 8 hours in a day. This is a test of both strength and endurance of the individual, as well as the ability to remain pleasant and professional in front of the client at all times. Disrespect and unethical behavior is never tolerated at Armada Moving Company.
  • Must Be CSU Student/Alumni
  • Deadlift 275lbs With Proper Form (OR)
  • Pick Up And Carry 200lbs 50 Feet
  • Ethical, Hardworking, Kind
  • Reliable Transportation/Valid Driver’s License
  • Drug Tests Are Mandatory

Incredible Customer Relations: On The Job Support

Armada puts a huge emphasis on achieving and surpassing the expectations of our customers. We listen intently to our customers suggestions on the job and integrate their specific requests on a regular basis. Armada tries to accommodate all requests in a way that is beneficial to both our customers and our movers. Armada is not only built by us, but also by our wonderful Fort Collins customers.

Small, Tightly Knit Crew Of Movers

Help support your local business! We are one of the few local moving companies Fort Collins. All of our employees are students at CSU. We try to keep our crew size smaller than most other companies in Fort Collins because we understand that it allows us to give much better quality controls. We do not maintain a large employee network; this allows us to keep our rates more competitive, along with delivering a superior product to our customers.