Fort Collins:  The Moving Challenge


Fort Collins is frequently listed as one of the best places to live in America.  Hugging the Rocky Mountains, life in Fort Collins means clean air, sunny days, and incredible views.  A range of services and unique hiking and natural experience await any person who calls Fort Collins home.

If you are moving to Fort Collins, then congratulations!  There will be countless things for you to explore while you live here.  However, before you arrive, you will have to move your stuff into your new house or apartment.  Lets take a moment to review what you should consider before the moving vans arrive.


Your New Residence


Homes in Fort Collins come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  Representing a great deal of prairie and post-modern architecture, homes in Fort Collins may create problems due to parking space outside the home.  While some roads can be narrow, other roads may have cars already parked in front of them making parking a moving truck or van more challenging.  In addition, many driveways in Fort Collins have drainage channels at their base, making it very hard for long, flat surface beds to pull in without scratching.  Apartments raise another potential challenge.  Due to the popularity of Fort Collins, parking spaces can be an issue making a moving truck a challenge to navigate and park while unloading.

The best way to address these problems is to go to the Fort Collins website and look up information on moving.  There and in other parts of the Internet you will find potential problems to be aware of as well as well as solutions and legal rights you have during this process.  Either way, it will leave you better prepared for when the moving day arrives and something comes up when you get there.


Insurance Coverage


Regardless of the state of origin, you should make sure that your movers have insurance as well as any legal requirements valid prior to using their service.  It can be easy to forget about.  However, unless you plan ahead, you risk having it bite you in the butt if there are damages to your possessions in transited or while being moved.  The last thing you want is to find out over the phone that your possessions were lost in an accident and that there is no reimbursement for the loss.  In either case, be sure that the moving company has insurance.  If the company you are looking at does not, then consider using another one of the available services.  Moving companies with a questionable record and insurance are better then moving companies with a good record and no insurance.


Trust Your Intuition


Moving to Fort Collins, like moving to any other place in America, can present problems you can’t foresee.  While it can be funny to say, be sure to trust your intuition.  If you are trying to decide among many different insurance providers, then go with the provider that you feel most comfortably about.