How You Can Save Money when Choosing Movers


A lot goes into choosing the right moving company.  One of the most important considerations a person will have is the cost.  Simply put, there are a lot of ways that you can help reduce your movement cost and a lot of ways that movers can charge you more if you are not aware.  With that in mind, lets look at a comprehensive approach you can take to save yourself money and time when moving forward with moving companies.



A Proper Challenge Begins With Contacting Those You Know


Finding the least expensive, trustworthy moving company will require having a game plan that begins by contacting friends, relatives, and neighbors who have recently moved.  Ask them who they end up going with, how much they moved, and what the final price was.  See whether or not they liked their movers and be sure to keep all of this written down for comparison later.  In addition to the people you know, consider going online and looking for information on movers from sites like Yelp and in forums dedicated to the subject.  More often then not, you will find helpful individuals who, like you, needed to move and now are sharing their own personal experience for your benefit.



The In-Home Review is Crucial


One of the biggest ways that moving companies can increase the cost is through a misunderstanding regarding how much is being moved.  Don’t let this happen.  Do not let a moving company give you estimation over the phone and agree to the job without coming over and inspecting everything that is going to be moved.  Make sure they go into the attic and basement if there are things that need to be moved in there and do not go with a moving service that rushes this experience or looks like they are cutting corners.  The more thorough their review, the closer to the actual cost your estimate will be.  For an added touch, keep a record of all offers in a folder that they will see.  This lets them know that you are shopping around, lets them know that they have competition, and will push them towards a more honest quote.



Don’t Forget Insurance And Final Price


The majority of moving companies will have insurance and the full array of licenses necessary to operate as a legal business.  This is done enough that some companies try to get around providing insurance by letting the client assume that there is coverage when there is not.  Whether you are moving from Fort Collins to San Francisco or just down the street, make sure you ask your potential moving companies if they have insurance.  Ask them the straightforward question clearly, and if you are still skeptical, then you can review their insurance information.  If they do not willingly provide this information on request or through their paperwork, then you have reason enough to be skeptical about the final price and drop them from the running as a result.