Safe And Piano Moving Company

Moving is often associated with heavy lifting, and with good reason. In fact, it is one of our requirements for hiring for each and every mover. We are capable of moving very heavy items safely. We have lots of practice moving large and heavy objects through homes and stairways. We do not have issues with items that are specifically heavy. However, there are items we cannot handle due to their specific nature (example, pool tables, due to the equipment required to transport the slate without cracking). Some companies will take these risks on, knowing that they are not equipped to handle it, and by the time you realize damage has occurred it is far past the time to make a claim. At Armada, we tell you up front what we can and cannot handle because we care and want to be honest and upfront with you, the customer.

Safe And Piano Movers

We move a wide variety of heavy items. However, due to the dangerous nature of moving heavy objects, we can only accept certain objects given a job hits a minimum amount of time (typically 4+ hours). Otherwise if we are moving only a large object, additional fees will be applied due to the required specialists and equipment. Here are some items that we move, but typically only on jobs over 4+ hours:

  • Gun Safes
  • Pianos
  • Hot Tubs