Things To Watch Out For When Hiring Moving Companies


Moving to a new place can be a lot of fun.  With that in mind, lets take a moment to review what you should watch out for when hiring a moving company.



  1. Do They Seem Rushed?


When you call the movers or talk to them in person, do they seem rushed?  How much time do they take to answer your questions and do they dismiss you or your concerns?  While no one knows moving like movers, you should be able to trust that any mover will make the time to talk to you, their client.  If they are rushed and not giving you the time of day, then this may be a warning sign that their packing of your stuff may be rushed as well.  Consider alternatives.


  1. Are They Late To Appointments?


Did the movers say that they would arrive at one time for a free inspection only to arrive later?  Your time is important, and unless they have a good reason then you may want to pass if they show up late.  Knowing little about the people who will move your goods to places like Fort Collins and beyond, you will need to be able to rely and trust them.  Being late starts everything off on the wrong note.


  1. Have They Offered More Than One Quote? Does The Quote Change?


How many quotes have the moving companies you are interested in using provided?  Do these quotes change, and if so why are they changing?  Revising a quote is not out of the ordinary.  However, if the quote keeps changing, especially up to the time of the actual movement, then beware.  You may be charged far more then you originally thought when starting this process.


  1. Was Their Quote Over The Phone Or After A Home Inspection?


Did the moving companies provide you a quote over the phone or after a home inspection?  A quote over the phone is highly suspect and may change.  A quote after a home inspection means that the movers have reviewed everything they will be moving and as a result can provide for you a far better estimate as to the cost.  If a mover only wants to provide a quote over the phone, then consider going with someone else.


  1. Do They Have Little Information Online Regarding Their Business?


There are many different ways to figure out about the quality of movers.  One increasingly popular way is to review the movers online through past client feedback.  When this feedback is little or non-existent and the company claims to have been around for a while, then this is suspect.  It could be that the company has recently changed names to escape a bad image or are otherwise trying to deceive you.


  1. Do They Refuse To Show You Their Insurance Information?


Most moving companies have insurance information.  Those that don’t may try to pretend that they do and hide it.  If you ask for insurance information and they say no, then go with another mover.