How To Find A Trustworthy Moving Company

Moving can be a stressful experience. Whether you are moving from Boulder to Fort Collins or from Miami to Portland, you deserve a moving company that you can trust to get your furniture to their destination in good condition. So, how do you find a trustworthy moving company? Lets take a moment to review through a several step process how you can find the best moving company available.

1. Find Reviews And Recommendations

Your first step for finding a trustworthy moving company should be to ask people you know who they went with when moving. If your neighbors or friends moved recently, then chances are that their experience is still valid and worth taking into consideration. In addition to looking for reviews and recommendations locally, consider going online and seeing what other people have experienced with the movers you are interested in hiring. Chances are you will get several good recommendations that you can use to narrow down your search.

2. Conduct An In-Home Estimate

Have your moving companies that you are interested in come over to perform in-home estimates. The in-home estimate is where a representative comes over and gauges based on what you have how much it will cost to move everything. Is the representative taking his time to examine each room including attics and basements or is the individual rushing the process. Detailed observations lead to trustworthy quotes.

3. Review Their Estimate And Paperwork

You will get a range of estimates and these should be carefully reviewed. There should be information on your estate as well as a breakdown of costs. If this information is not available then ask for it. With an in-home inspection, you know that the moving companies you are looking at are providing better quotes and by reviewing the paperwork you can see how well their estimate reflects your need.

4. Ensure Legality And Insurance Of Company

This becomes critical prior to signing the final paperwork and far easier to validate at a late stage of the game. Information on their insurance coverage as well as whatever licenses and legal information needs to be there will be included in their paperwork. You can validate this information independently if you wish or trust that the company is being truthful about its coverage. Typically this is not an issue either way as accidents on the road are rare. That being said, if you want the trustworthiest moving company around, then be sure to review this information carefully.

5. Consider Their Timing And Punctuality

With movers, just like many other professions, punctuality is key. The ability of a mover to show up on time and be present at a time when you both agree on means that their business respects your time and by extension your goods. If you are having a challenging time choosing between movers, then you should strongly consider how each of your final candidates did in terms of how they respected your time. Along with a little bit of intuition, you will finally settle on the most trustworthy mover available.